Monday, April 13, 2009

An exciting weekend for the cats

B came home from work Friday night bearing a big, fancy scratching post as a present for Analog's first birthday.

He'd never baked a cake from scratch before, but I coached him along. I think Analog appreciated her chocolate birthday cake with rhubarb topping and coconut ice cream.

She's a pretty lucky little kitten. The Bus was jealous. I promised I'd make him a cake in August for his birthday.

The fun continued on Sunday when the Easter Bunny came to our house and hid plastic eggs filled with catnip and treats (and a certain handknit bunny) all over the living room.

Analog cared more about batting the eggs around than eating what was in them.

The Bus found one egg with catnip in it and called it quits.

After they got their treats, we decided to make some treats for us too. We baked sugar cookies from scratch, another first for B.

My bunny was the Easter bunny. His was Harvey.
They both got their heads bit off. Happy Easter.

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  1. Will the kitty actually use the scratching post?? LOL K.C. has no interest in them, but finds our couch very inviting. Anyway, sounds like a really nice weekend for the cats . . . and the humans too!!