Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm not a bunny nugget!

One little known fact about me is that I used to be the voice of peta2's "I'm not a Nugget" chick. Here is a sample of me as the voice of a cartoon chick.

I have since been replaced, but I still have a soft spot for nuggets and not a nuggets so yesterday when I saw this free pattern for "Bunny Nuggets" on Ravelry, I found these little knitted bunnies completely irresistable. Last night I hosted my first craft night at my house, and I knit my very own Bunny Nugget who I have now named the "I'm not a bunny nugget". I'm sure peta2 will start making "I'm not a bunny nugget" stickers right about now.

The Bus and Analog enjoyed craft night, even though The Bus thought the I'm not a bunny nugget was a sock at first.

Won't he be surprised on Sunday morning when he opens an Easter egg and finds that sock has grown ears and is now stuffed with catnip!?!

Here's I'm not a bunny nugget posing with chicken bunny, who is a Cadbury bunny that really clucks when you squeeze her paw.

These are the two funniest bunnies I've ever met. They seriously crack me up. And look at their tails! Too cute!! I'm not a bunny nugget was supposed to have a little pom pom tail, but I wanted to avoid any yarn-y bits that Analog could bite off and swallow.

If you like I'm not a bunny nugget, you should definitely visit Rebecca Danger's etsy shop, Danger Crafts. There's a whole family of cute knitted creatures!

Danger Craft Knitting Patterns
by Danger Craft

B loved I'm not a bunny nugget too. Awww...

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  1. Awww, look at how quickly "i'm not a bunny nugget" makes friends. He has three friends in just one night! It must be his twisted ears and his sparkling personality.