Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Emergency surgery for fingerless mittens...

My dad is visiting from North Carolina this week, and we've got big plans for the porch and the basement.
We started with the porch. This is my first major re-modeling project. We're transforming my back patio into a screened-in back porch for the kitties to lounge on. Here's a before shot:

Here's a halfway done shot:

Here's the new screen door going in(Titillating stuff, right? Maybe you had to be there.)

Hopefully by the time we go to bed tonight there will be a photo of a brand spankin' new screened in porch.

On a side note, although we made good progress, the fingerless gloves I was wearing hit a major snag. Literally. I caught the bind off on a piece of wood and ripped out about 3 inches of it. These are my favorite gloves!!! GMT painstakingly knit these with DPNs and gave them to me! This was a crisis of epic proportions!!!

Luckily, I work at an online knitting shop so a co-worker was on hand to diagnose the problem and perform the necessary procedure. She picked up all the dropped stitches for me and prescribed some Palette in Asphalt Heather . Now all I have to do is bind off again and weave in the ends, and my gloves will be better than new. Thank goodness!

I've spending an unbelievable amount of time in big box hardware stores ever since my dad got here. Maybe while he is looking at 2x4's and insulation tonight, I'll set up shop in the garden center and fix my gloves.

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