Friday, January 2, 2009

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus!

We got snowed in!

Portland has gotten a record breaking amount of snow since mid-December, and I couldn't get access to the internet!!!

I almost didn't make it to North Carolina to see my family for Christmas because of the storms. Which would have been a shame because it would have made pulling off our New Year's tradition a bit tricky.

In tenth grade, my friend Alison and I started buying "New Year's bras". Every year since then, my friends and sisters and I have carried on the tradition. Whenever possible, my sisters and I shop for our New Year's bras together. I love traditions.

The way it works is that you buy a bra that will symbolize what you want for the upcoming year. Then you make sure you're wearing it at midnight on New Year's Eve, and (hopefully) all your wishes for the upcoming year will come true.

This year my bra is hot pink and black (GnR team colors), so that GnR will have a winning 09 season, and I'll have my best season yet. It's also just a little sexy, and a bit romantic with some lace and ribbons. And it's a whole size bigger than last year's! I guess I was part of the 70% of women who wear the wrong bra size. A Victoria's Secret salesperson set me straight. So hopefully this year will be comfortable and a perfect fit! Apparently playing derby will not only give you derby booty and rock hard quads, you also get bigger boobs!!!

Do you have any silly traditions or hopes for the New Year?

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