Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 hair in review

I was going through some old photos today and was struck by how drastically different my haircut was a year ago. A lot changed in the past year. I got a new job. Bought a house. Moved in with my beloved boyfriend. The Bus got a little sister. We got a new president. I think all these ch-ch-changes are reflected in my hair cuts:
December 07, pre hair cut. This is the longest it's ever been. Ever.

Dec 07, post hair cut. Cluster Fox chopped off something like 18 inches for locks of love.

It was still long enough to pull back.

Then it grew out and I went through a long phase of pulling it back, until I decided I wanted hair like Vickie Howell

Hard Knox cut it for me. Unfortunately, I don't really have photos of this haircut, except for this one where it was kind of wet...

and this one where it was pulled back...

Then Knox and I recently decided to go even shorter with this Tegan and Sara inspired do:

So in one year I went from hair down my back to hair up past my ears!

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