Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sorry I went missing for a few days. B and I snuck off to his parents' cabin in Rhodendron, Oregon for a bit to celebrate my 30th. We had a delightful 4 day weekend filled with hiking, fall leaves, and cable t.v.

The highlights were:
1. Finishing my first fingerless gloves (photos to come once I weave in the ends)
2. Sharing a pomegranate on a bench by the Zigzag river.
3. Collecting the prettiest leaves.
4. Reading and knitting by the fire.
5. Slipping in the snow (twice! In October!) and laughing uncontrollably on our hike.

Here is photographic evidence of the snow.

And here is the first waffle ever made with the waffle maker B got me for my b'day. A momentous occasion.

I smothered mine in strawberries and frosting left over from making my birthday cake.

And speaking of firsts, B had his first caramel apple EVER at the corn maize before we drove out to the cabin. Such a deprived child.

I had corn on the cob.

If it weren't for The Bus and Analog, I don't think we ever would have come home.

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