Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my very favorite day of the year, so the festivities have been going on at my house for about a week now.

Last Monday B and I carved pumpkins.

His is funny and mine is thoretically scary.

It is a vampire with bats on the back.

This was Analog's first encounter with the art of pumpkin carving and she was unsure what to make of the whole thing.

She did get her own little pumpkin though.

And The Bus's warty white wonderful pumpkin rotted, so he got a little mini-orange pumpkin instead. I think he actually likes this one better.

Tuesday and Thursday night, I worked on sewing this straightjacket for B.

He's going to be a patient who escaped from a mental hospital. I only made one arm superlong like a real straightjacket because what if he gets thirsty and wants a drink or something? Super long arms just aren't practical.

I also made myself a little hat and an ice cream sundae out of yarn for the costume contest at work today.

I was a 50's malt shoppe waitress and got to wear my skates at work and everything.

I won 3rd place and $50! If you want more details about the Halloween spirit infecting my office, I blogged about it on our work blog here.

I also got to help Brett draw tattoos on his muscles for his Henry Rollins costume, I drew the Death Trip snake and the Misfits skull.

Tonight I am very very excited to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters at my new house, this will be a first for me. We'll see how festive The Bus and Analog feel when I get home, I think I might foresee some costumes in their future too.

After passing out 2 giant bags of Twizzlers, I'm going to get tortured by Eddie, November Pain's honey, for his House of Horrors and then we may hit another party after that. I can't wait!

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