Tuesday, October 14, 2008

30 going on...16

I'm going to be 30 a week from today and to celebrate I get to... go to the DMV and retake my drivers license test? Lame.

I've been in Oregon for, um, awhile now. I own a house here. I'm registered to vote here. I have a library card, and my car is registered here. But because I am lazy and I despise going to the DMV and taking tests, I still have a Virginia license. Sadly, I can't put off a trip to the DMV any longer, my license expires on my birthday. So by this time tomorrow, I will officially be a card carrying Oregonian...IF I can pass the knowledge test at the DMV so I can get my new driver's license. I failed the online practice quiz today. But come on, do you know who has the right of way at a T intersection when there are no stop signs or lights? I do now.

Test your own driving knowledge here-
It's almost kind of fun. Unless you're facing the prospect of losing your license.

I think the worst part of the whole thing is that they're going to take my old license away for keeps. I like my Virginia license because the photo might be one of the best photos ever taken of me, and it says "Death to Tyrants" on the actual license.

I hope the Oregon license says something cool. Maybe "Don't drink organic microbrews and drive". Or "We frown upon running over bikers".

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