Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And the winner is...

Last weekend the Guns N Rollers held a season end awards ceremony. Malice and Mr. Malice hosted, it was a blast. Everyone on the team got an award, including yours truly. RollaReina and Aurora Brutalis came over a couple of weeks ago to help me decorate frames Reina picked up at the dollar store. We broke the fingers off skeleton hands so that they were throwing the horns and lovingly hot glued those and lots of rhinestones and sequins onto each frame.

The only thing left to do last Saturday was put the actual certificates I printed out for each team member in their frames. Analog tried to help.

My favorite awards were:
The Let's Get Physical Award to Axl Blows
The Quiet Riot Award to Vixen Mary
The Tenacious P Award to Punchkin
Father of the Year to Angry Wrench

I won Most Derby Devoted. Aww...

Reina was busy because she and Wrench also made GnR logo guitar pick necklaces for everyone on the team. I've been wearing mine to work.

Sorry for the shoddy picture, but it's hard to photograph your own necklace without taking it off.

I also made this berry cherry pie for the party, and a coordinating flavor of vegan ice cream. Yum.

Even though this didn't end up being our "worst to first" season, a good time was had by all. Especially in the hot tub.

PS- In case you were wondering, I did pass my drivers test yesterday. I got an 88%.

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