Sunday, April 13, 2008

let's hear it for fresh veggies!

You may have noticed that I've been on a vegan junk food kick.
Potato skins, macaroni and cheese, lots of fakin' bacon... this is not the way I usually eat. But when the going gets rough, the tough turn to comfort food. Especially when they know fresh vegtables are on the horizon!
I joined the Hidden Oasis CSA (that's community supported agriculture) in February, but it didn't start until this week. Today was the first day I drove out to the farm to get my half-share.
I could have it delivered to my office, but what could be nicer than taking off on your lunch break every Friday to visit the farm where your fruits and veggies grow?

It was such a nice break. Here are some photos of the farm I snapped. I can't believe it's only 15 minutes from my office in the suburbs of Vancouver, Washington.

Hi horse! Hi sheep!
And here's my recycled grocery bag stuffed to the brim with cabbage, spinach, greens, really fat carrots, 2 onions, fresh herbs, and radishes. Any one have a recipe for radishes?

I'm sure with all these vitamins and minerals, my knee is going to be healed up in no time. Good thing too because I got to play pivot, 2, 3, and 4 on Wednesday and now I'm rearing to go.

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