Thursday, May 5, 2011

My alter, alter ego...

So you already know that I played roller derby for about 3 years under the alias Cherry Lipsmacker. But, did you know Cherry Lipsmacker as a side gig as a blogger? It's true. A few months back I started a second blog, Roller Derby Deals where I re-post sales, contests, and special deals that would interest other derby girls or soon-to-be derby girls. The idea behind the blog was that I know first hand how expensive derby can get, and I wanted to make it easier for skaters to get the quality gear they need to stay safe and lower the barrier to entry for anyone who is thinking about getting involved or trying out for Fresh Meat.

I've finally got the blog to the point where I'm feeling really good about it, and I'm ready to share my derby little secret with my friends and family (that's you!).

To kick things off, I've teamed up with Ms. Doom De Doom, a Duke City Derby skater who also skated briefly for Rose City Rollers & the founder of Caustic Threads. She generously donated a bearing necklace, a hand made, screen printed item of the winner's choosing, and her time to do a giveaway and interview on the Roller Derby Deals blog. So take a look at the blog, send me your suggestions and ideas, and while you're there, enter to win some lovely items from Caustic Threads.

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