Monday, March 21, 2011


My etsy store, glitzed, is back with a vengeance. Oh, and I design knitting patterns now. Say what?

Yep it's true. It all started when I decided to dress up as The Bus for Halloween (he is sitting on my lap as I type this). I made up my own pattern for a kitty ear hat and paw-like fingerless mitts. One of my co-workers who runs Knit Picks IDP program loved my costume and asked if I wanted to publish it. I was beyond flattered.
You can download that pattern here for $1.99.

My next foray into pattern designing was inspired by November Pain. When I heard there was a little Pain on the way, I knew she desperately needed her own little jammer and pivot caps to keep her toasty.

I published these on Knit Picks too (after I knit a custom set in Heather's colors for Tequilya to give Ruby Bruiseday), and I decided while I was at it, I'd use it as an opportunity to resurrect my etsy shop too. It's been so much fun getting reacquainted with etsy. It seems so much more interactive now, and I've gotten an amazing response to my stuff. Of course, I haven't actually sold any yet, but Derby Little Secrets loved my patterns and contacted me to see if I'd sell them whole sale. Heck yeah, I will! They're up there now.

I was also contacted by Derby Girls Blog about an interview and a blog giveaway, that should be going up soon.

And my Madonna painting was included in the "Feeling the 80's Blues" treasury by TheMuppettoy.

Thanks for all the etsy love everybody! And stay tuned to glitzed for more items soon, I'm having so much fun with it that I keep coming up for new ideas for projects and patterns I want to offer!

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