Friday, November 5, 2010

Oops, I missed a day!

So not only did I forget to blog yesterday, I practically forgot to eat. Is anyone else noticing that Vegan MoFo is making them realize how terrible their eating habits are?

Since all I ate all day yesterday was a Luna bar, a handful of cocoa almonds, and a frozen waffle, I was ravenous by 7pm when I chowed down on Halo Thai (on Alberta). I was way too busy stuffing my face to think about taking a photo or blogging.

But today I made up for yesterday with a mixed berry turnover from Back to Eden for breakfast. Delicious! A chik patty as a snack and leftover Thai food for lunch, and I'm feeling pretty good.

In Portland, we are very blessed to have several vegan bakeries to choose from. I love them all, and I always pick something up from Black Sheep when I go to the PSU farmer's market, but Back to Eden is my favorite. My Tuesday evening ritual has become candle light yoga at 7pm followed by a walk over to Back to Eden and a post-yoga treat. I can't tell you how delighted I am to be a regular at a vegan bakery! In the summer I can't resist soft serve in a cone, but when the weather gets cooler, I indulge in baked goods and chocolate. They even have a whole row in their display case dedicated to gluten-free cupcakes, macaroons, fudge and other GF goodies, which makes it a perfect date spot for me and my gluten intolerant sweetie. I <3 Back to Eden. See you next Tuesday, B2E!

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