Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GF baking might be harder than anticipated...

My first two gluten free baking experiments have ended badly. I'm sorry I didn't snap photos of them for you before they went in the compost heap, but they weren't much to look at, just shapeless brown blobs.

I tried substituting white rice flour for brown rice flour, I guess they aren't interchangeable? Or maybe the problem was that I left out the xantham gum (which I think I might need to order online?). Either way, more experimentation is necessary. I packed the GF bread and the tofu scramble hot pockets for my recent trip to Big Sur, but neither got eaten. I'm glad I packed them though, the bread was dense enough that I probably could have used it as a weapon to knock out a cougar if there had been an attack.

In other food news, I'm considering signing up for the VeganMoFo challenge for the month of November to get myself back into the swing of blogging. I'm sure you're all dying to see photos of what I eat for lunch every day, right?


  1. You know gluten is pretty much the reason bread isn't a flat lump. If your going gluten free you might want to try some breads with chemical leavening. ie baking soda/powder.

  2. Keep hunting, I can't help you with specifics as I'm from another country and not vegan, but good GF cooking is possible. Flour blends work better than straight rice, look for amaranth, quinoa, sorghum, corn, buckwheat to add in small amounts to fortify the rice. Chia is another ingredient to research. Be careful of xanthan gum, some people find it keeps absorbing liquid as it travels through the gut, leaving them terribly constipated and dehydrated. Charming, hey? LOL

    I surfed here looking for derby blogs but couldn't resist clicking yours as you mentioned the GF :)