Monday, August 2, 2010

What will my next DVD series be?

I'm between tv series at the moment.

I like to pick a series and watch all the DVDs in a row. Most recently I watched all the Arrested Development DVDs that way. I was really sad to watch the last episode because I didn't want it to be over. I still think about Tobias sometimes.

I've also enjoyed House, Six Feet Under, Gilmore Girls, and Friends in a similar fashion, but I've been having trouble zeroing in on my next series. It's time to make a decision, The Bus and I have been watching too many late night re-runs of Criminal Minds lately.

I'm having auditions. I've added disc #1 for a few different series in my Netflix queue. Here are the contenders:

1. West Wing (recommended by Mr. Lipsmacker and seconded by Netflix as a recommendation for House Lovers)
2. Weeds (suggested by Isha and Marci)
3. Whale Wars (another Marci recommendation)
4. Veronica Mars (recommended by Nell)
5. United States of Tara (a Netflix suggestion for those who enjoy Six Feet Under)

Am I missing anybody? Who gets your vote?


  1. I really loved Pushing Daisies, it's visually stunning and it is available on the instant queue so you could try it without a disc commitment.