Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I know I've been MIA for quite awhile. My forced retirement from roller derby (damn you knee!) left me a little disoriented. After the years of practice 3-5 days a week + fundraisers and league/team commitments + derby related social engagements and then the months of physical therapy, I suddenly found myself alone with the Bus and a lot of free time on my hands and it was... disconcerting.

I've avoided the urge to throw myself into something new and time-sucking. Instead, I'm trying to take a step back and re-evaluate where I'm at and where I want to be. A bit of navel-gazing now and then isn't such a bad thing.

I felt out of control, over-committed, overwhelmed. It was time to prioritize.

Some things, like furniture that was just taking up space, were easy to clear out. Piles of stuff I never used went to Goodwill. Boxes of craft supplies I hadn't used in years went to SCRAP. I stopped feeling guilty for not returning phone calls from people I didn't particularly want to see.

Other decisions were harder. I sold my beloved Frankenvolvo and bought a more reliable car. I quit coaching the Rosebuds, Rose City's jr. derby league, to maintain my sanity, but I do miss being involved with the league and seeing the Buds every week. I've decided to take a year long hiatus from glitter, and I've given up my etsy shop (more on that later).

And some things are obviously here to stay. I'm keeping the house. The Bus is my true love. I'm still vegan. I love my boyfriend.

There are still some gray areas, decisions I haven't made yet. Deciding whether or not to stop blogging has been one of those nagging little questions in the back of my brain for a couple months now. If I'm not writing about roller derby, and I'm not trying to promote my own glittery little business, why keep the blog? And who reads it anyway? In the end I've decided to keep it going for awhile. I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't update it, so posts might be few and far between, and I might seem more emo than I used to be, but I'm still here. Are you?


  1. I read your blog. I think you should keep blogging. It's kind of like catching up with old friends you haven't met yet.

  2. I look at your blog too every once in while to see what crafts your getting in to...

  3. Hey Angela . . . been a while but i still check in time after time xx4eva Bianca