Friday, June 19, 2009

summer to-do list!

I almost forgot to make my summer list! The summer list is actually my favorite, and it's where the whole idea of making a list for each season started because I felt like summer slipped away before I got to do all the summery things I love that you can't do during any other season in Oregon. So here it goes:

*finish the basement
*eat popsicles
*walk to 7-11 for slurpees
*roller skate outside
*go on a boat
*pick strawberries at Sauvie Island
*shop at yard sales
*float the river
*drink cocktails in a kiddie pool

That is a great list. I actually picked one strawberry last night and one the night before in my garden, but that's not the same as picking enough for strawberry shortcake and Cyndi Lauper ice cream (cinnamon + strawberries. I think it sounds like something Cyndi Lauper would like to eat, hence the name.)

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