Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jr. Derby

Our Rosebuds might be under age, but they're starting to hit as hard as some of the big girls!

They faced the Eugene Gems in Eugene over the long weekend. The Gems won, 105 to 75, but the Buds played a pretty fierce game and once they figured out a. to follow the yellow line not the red line and b. half time was over and it was time to get off the playground and play more derby, they did a good job.

And they are always good sports, very classy.
We're still going to work on our pack awareness and playing as a team, but those are skills that can always use refinement.

We were doing team work drills at GnR practice last night! Speaking of GnR, who knew Knox was moonlighting as a gym owner in Eugene?

Bottom line, I heart the Rosebuds, and I'm proud to be their assistant coach.

Watching them skate was the highlight of my weekend. And getting limeades and slushes before the game at Sonic.

Do she think she plays derby for Emerald City?
The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the sunshine, gardening, and reassembling the chicken coop!

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