Thursday, May 21, 2009

cold med muddled thoughts

Dear blog,
I'm sorry for my sudden, unexplained absence. I have no good excuse.
I got sick... I planted a garden...The Bus was getting jealous of the time I spent with you...I bought a chicken coop... Nothing you haven't heard before, I'm sure.

I know you know about my recent infatuation with Twitter. Twitter is no substitute for you. Twitter is like flirting with a stranger at a party- Twitter is just interested in the glitter, the glamour, the facade... You, my blog, you're more like that one last party guest who is still lurking around even after I've had too much wine and lost my shoe (again). You're always hungry for just one more story. Or are you more like that saint of a room mate or live in love who will be there the morning after the party to help collect the empties and toss them in the recycling and patiently listen as I piece together the night before? Hmmm...

Either way, you shouldn't take it personally that I've been tweeting but not blogging. You are totally different creatures, and I love you equally but in different ways.


  1. You got chickens?!? Did you get the ones with the fluffy butts? Those are my favorites.

  2. Well, we've got the coop. We'll get the chickens within the next week or two. I'll take lots of photos of them!