Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I do my little turn on the catwalk.

Yeah, I'm a model now. Maybe you've seen me in Interweave Knits. You don't recognize me? Oh wait, let me turn around so you can see my butt. Now do you recognize me? :)

And just think, before I started roller derby I didn't even have a butt!

A couple months ago we needed a last minute model at Knit Picks for a print ad, so I agreed to do it. Of course, the real star of the ad is the Montavilla Market Tote, so I'm just a prop really. Kerry, our in-house photographer, did an amazing job. These are some of the out takes.

I was wearing the rose wrapped wire ring that's for sale in my etsy shop, in hopes of getting glitzed a little teeny tiny bit of exposure, but I don't think it made it into any of the final shots.

Here's the final ad. It will also be in Creative Knitting and Knit N Style. My butt is pretty pleased.


  1. Very cool!!! I love the picture where we can actually see your face and nice smile. Shame on them for not using it!!

  2. I saw the first picture in the new Interweave the other day and I knew it was you. Your butt is totally famous!!