Tuesday, April 21, 2009

gossip girl

Have you ever said something and then instantly wished you could hit rewind and take it back? That happened to me last night.

I'm not a malicious gossip. I'm not mean-spirited. But sometimes when I hear a story that's especially juicy or dramatic, I can't stop myself from sharing. I have a theory that the reason I feel compelled to participate in the gossip is because knowing something that not everyone else knows makes me feel special or important. And sharing a story about someone that a friend of a friend heard gives a sometimes-shy girl like me something interesting to talk about when I'm at a loss for words. Um, yes, I did have a hard time making friends and fitting in as a child, why do you ask?

But the reasons behind it don't make it okay when spreading unfounded rumors cause hard feelings between two groups of people to continue to fester and grow.

I think gossiping is a worse habit than cracking my knuckles. It's something I've gotta work on.

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