Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday? It can't be Wednesday!

I think Ms. Golightly was actually complaining about Thursday in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but either way, I can relate. March is sneaking up on me fast!

Normally this wouldn't result in panic or unexplained absences from blogging, but GnR has a bout this Saturday (AND I'M ON THE ROSTER!) and then B and I are leaving for Hawaii the very next day. And there is so much to do before then!!!!!! Eek!

My to-do list included figuring out what to wear to the bout so before RollaReina was gracious enough to lend me a skirt, I began desperately searching etsy for anything short and animal print. This was a fav:

Leopard Cherries Mini
by WinterLights

Too bad it's not my size!

Now I just have to go to the bank, print out directions to the hotel, yurt, and cottage, research the volcano, do my stretches, drink lots of water, give the kitties extra snuggles, pack, get my work type stuff in order, do the dishes...Eek.

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