Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My first meme.

I usually ignore these kinds of things, but this one is so pervasive on Facebook right now, I gave it a go. It was actually pretty fun, since I do like making lists.

25 random things
1. I’m a hardcore Steelers fan, but I don’t really care about football. My cat is named The Bus.
2. My alter-ego is Cherry Lipsmacker. She plays roller derby.
3. I’ve been to every state except Hawaii and North Dakota. I’m going to Hawaii in March.
4. I’ve toured with Good Charlotte, the Subhumans, Phish, and Lollapalooza (for peta2).
5. I’m still vegan.
6. I’ve been skydiving in Australia.
7. I’ve lived in 11 states- Ohio, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, DC, California, Virginia, and Oregon. Now my parents live in North Carolina. I don’t know what to say when people ask me where I’m from.
8. My mom likes to tell her friends that I majored in glitter at Carnegie Mellon.
9. I got married by Elvis in Las Vegas.
10. I got divorced a year and a half later.
11. I think that I have a better than average chance of surviving if zombies attack.
12. When I was little I slept with holy water under my pillow because I was scared of being possessed. I'm still kind of scared of ouija boards and The Shining.
13. I like making mix tapes, but I’m too lazy to finish one. Now I just make mix cds.
14. I took a cake decorating class so I could make prettier cupcakes.
15. My sisters are twins, and they both live in the South. I miss them.
16. I have a blog and an etsy shop.
17. I eat chocolate at least once a day.
18. I’m an obsessive list maker.
19. I worked at PETA for 4 years and never threw red paint on anyone or protested naked.
20. Now I get paid to write a blog for a Pomeranian and market yarn and fabric online.
21. I think I’m still banned from Erie, PA.
22. I sincerely love monster trucks.
23. I saved 3 children from being swept down river in one summer (I worked as a river rescuer, it wasn't as heroic as it sounds, I just waded in, picked them up, and dumped them on the beach next to their moms.)
24. I really, truly despise running with all my heart and soul. If I have to run, I hate every single step.
25. I’ve seen every episode of Friends and Gilmore Girls.

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