Monday, December 15, 2008

I heart snow days

B and I were planning on going to his family's annual pie day yesterday, but even though I like hanging out with his family, I think I preferred being snowed in.

We only got a couple of inches of snow, but the roads were icy enough that every newscaster in Portland was warning us to stay at home every time we flicked on the news. So we did, and it was delightful.

We made paper snowflakes from our junk mail...

And ate the entire almond joy pie we'd made for pie day...

And drank coffee and cocoa and ate soup with dumplings and popcorn. It was Analog's first brush with snow, she wasn't a huge fan of the cold, wet, white stuff.

So we ventured out without her to walk to the movie rental place. We watched The 12 Dogs of Christmas (my pick), Indiana Jones (B's pick), Kung Fu Panda (my pick), and Iron Man (B's pick). See a pattern here? And I finished up some holiday knitting, and learned that it *is* possible to felt alpaca in a front load dryer if you put some tennis balls in the pillowcase with the knitted bits and then throw the pillowcase in the wash with your knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, and wash everything on the hottest setting with heavy spin. It was a noisy experiment, but it totally worked!

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