Wednesday, December 10, 2008

cutest tea pot EVER

I'm trying to live simply and only buy things that a. I can afford and b. Will truly improve my life and make me happy in the long run, not just make me smile for 5 minutes and then collect dust, take up space, and make me feel guilty about buying things I don't really need.

Things that are necessities for me include:
-roller derby gear, dues, physical therapy, anything that keeps me skating
-craft supplies that I will use ( I have to have a specific project in mind, and not just buy things because they are sparkly and/or cute, which is hard)
-food- I spend more on groceries than B and a lot of other people, but I really love to cook and bake. It makes me feel calm and healthier and comforted. So I'll pay the bigger grocery bills every month. To a point.
-The occasional glass of cheap white wine out with friends.
-Supplies and marketing materials for Glitzed, that's the online shop I'm working on launching on etsy right now, that's an investment in my future, yo.
-Improvements to the house, also categorized as an investment.

Things that are not necessities...cute teapots...more clothes and jewelry with cherries or skates on them...more cookbooks...exquisite jewelry I will never wear...perfumes that smell like smoke and grass and candy...

Up until now I just saved those cute things to my with the tag "shopping" so that I can look at them from time to time. But now that I'm on etsy almost daily the "shopping" tags are piling up!!! So once a week, probably on Wednesdays, I'm going to post a handmade item or two that is irresistably cute that I may or may not ever buy. It's like virtual shopping, guilt free!

The first one is this teapot. She has a cold! And a hand knit hat! Or a scarf!! And she's from Argentina!!! I'd name her Nellie. Or Bea. Or Suzie Q.

by Lola Goldstein
$120, tea cups not included.

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