Thursday, November 20, 2008

vegan coffee ice cream recipe

B was craving ice cream earlier this week, and I managed to convince him that making vegan ice cream at home was tastier, faster, and cheaper than walking to 7-11 (and vegan-er!). I promised we could make any flavor he wanted. And then he The trouble was every coffee flavored recipe I've made from coffee cupcakes to mocha chip muffins has suggested using instant coffee to get the right flavor, and we were out. So we improvised. And it worked!

3 cups soy creamer (or 1 cup creamer, 2 cups soy milk)
1/2 cup sugar
8 Tablespoons of coffee
1 teaspoon vanilla

Put the coffee in a french press. It's best if you use coarse ground coffee, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Heat the creamer in the microwave or in a pan until it is steaming hot, almost boiling. Pour into french press, try not to spill, it's hot! Let it sit for 5 minutes. Pour the coffee flavored creamer into a bowl, mix in vanilla and sugar. Pour into ice cream maker, turn it on, and wait 25 minutes. Eat.

If we were more patient, and I wasn't trying to beat the clock to prove it was faster to make ice cream than walk to buy it, I would have steeped the creamer and coffee a little longer for a stronger coffee flavor and I would have put the creamer/sugar/vanilla mix in the fridge or freezer so that it would firm up faster in the ice cream maker. But this experiment totally worked, and there is no ice cream left in the freezer to prove it. Bonus discovery- if we'd left the mixture in the ice cream maker for 10 minutes less, it would have been the consistency of a frappaccino. Vegan frappaccinos coming soon!

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