Wednesday, November 26, 2008

mini-pumpkin craft-a-thon

I'm a sucker for those little mini-pumpkins that start popping up at every grocery store, nursery, and farmers market around mid-September. This year I bought 5 of the little guys. Six if you count the Bus's warty mini-pumpkin that rotted. So what do you do with 5 mini-pumpkins post-Halloween?

I knew google would have some answers.

Make mini-pumpkin candles.

Glitter them!

Make turkeys.

Use them as a picture frame.

How about a mini-pumpkin wreath?

The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Vixen and I both feel strongly that it's not Thanksgiving unless you watch the parade, and Johnny's making us a vegan feast, so tomorrow morning I'm going to go over to his house when I wake up and Vixen and I are going to make mini-pumpkin turkeys and watch the parade. I'll be sure to post pictures of the little guys when we're done. Happy Tofurky Day!!

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