Thursday, October 9, 2008

t.v. hiatus

Since I put off all the things I "should" do Tuesday night, I knew exactly what I had planned when I got home from work last night. But when I got home, B had already unloaded the dishwasher and done the dishes that had piled up in the sink. Nothing makes this girl swoon these days like clean dishes and an empty sink. He's so dreamy.

That just left me with laundry to do (boy this is a boring blog...) so I took the opportunity to re-organize my closet for fall. I made a pile of all the warm weather clothes I didn't wear once this summer, and now I'm ready for the next naked lady party.

After the chores were done, I still had time to take a walk around the neighborhood, make mulled wine and pear ice cream (the jury is still out on this recipe), play with Analog, pet the Bus, knit for awhile, read a couple of chapters, and draw for a bit before B got home at 10. And that's when I realized how much I can accomplish when I don't turn on the t.v.

Since my knee-imposed break from derby practice, I've gotten into the habit of turning on the t.v. when I get home from work for company. I don't intend to watch it, I just like hearing voices, but before I know it, I inevitably get sucked in. And by the end of the night I'm depressed about the economy, cranky about the commercials, and feel vaguely anxious knowing that the world is in a terrible state, there's never anything good on t.v., and I got nothing done. So I'm turning it off.

Not for good, I can't miss House! But I'm taking a vow not to turn on the t.v. for the next couple of weeks unless there is actually something on that I really want to see (like the aforementioned doctor). The exception to this rule will be t.v. during physical therapy because I often need something-anything- to distract me from the burning in my quads and the hurts so good pain of stretching. Take that t.v.!

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