Monday, September 22, 2008

It's the pits

I hope this isn't going to offend anyone's delicate sensibilities, but the truth is, derby girls sweat. We don't glisten or glow when we skate in the 80-90 degree heat with no AC, we sweat. A lot. So most of us wear deodorant and/or anti-perspirant. My deodorant of choice was Mitchum clear gel baby powder scent until recently when it started giving me a rash under my arms. Which brings me to my current dilemna, what deodorant should I use? Being a vegan, I can't just go to the drug store and pick up Secret or Teen Spirit because I don't use products tested on animals. I started my quest for a new cruelty-free roller-derby-grade product a couple of months ago when the rash first appeared. I tried:

Mitchum rose petal "smart solid"
Trader Joe's "unscented deodorant with Cotton" bonus points for being aluminum free! But most of these hippy deodorants seem to be...
Adidas' Cotton Tech Women's Deodorant
Toms of Maine Honeysuckle Rose
Kiss My Face Active Enzyme Lavendar
Natures Gate grapefruit and wild ginger the yummiest smelling of the bunch, is it wrong to want to lick your armpits?
Lush T'eo
Almay Hypo-Allergenic gel

And none of them have worked! The Mitchum solid was the best of the bunch and it's okay for sitting in the office at a computer, but it's no match for roller skating.

There are a lot more options listed in The Green Guide, but how many will I have to buy and try before I find THE ONE? This experiment is getting pricey. And smelly.

Is it time to resort to crystals and vinegar like on some of the forums I've read? I'm out of the rose petal, so it's time to start shopping again. What should I try next?

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