Friday, September 26, 2008


I've been feeling very experimental this week. Not in that "Drugs not Hugs" kind of way, I've just been restless and up for trying new things.

1. I tried 2 new deodorants- Clearly Natural, which clearly bombed and, sigh, the hippie deodorant crystal I've been avoiding for years. And, I have to admit, so far it's working better than the other cruelty free deodorants I've tried. It still weirds me out that I have to wet it before I apply it, but I'll stick with it for awhile.

2. I tested one of the aforementioned deodorants at a kick boxing class at the gym. I've taken kick boxing before at martial arts gyms, and this was not that. This was more like ninjas line dancing to video game soundtracks. I don't remember the last time I felt so ridiculous, and I wasn't even out of breath by the end of it! I don't think I'll go to that class again.

3. I read on that putting apple cider vinegar on a wart for a week will make it go away. It sounds like voodoo magic to me, but I have one on my finger that's been there since before (and after)the doctor tried to burn it off with dry ice and acid, so I thought it was worth a try. Yesterday it stung all day, but it has yet to turn black and wither away. 5 more days, so we'll see what happens.

4. I made a new pie- pear custard. The pears were from the CSA and the recipe was online. I veganized it by using egg replacer and soy creamer and it is delicious. I want pie morning, noon, and night.

5. And I want to eat it with homemade blueberry ice cream. Since our first attempt at making ice cream was noisy and salty and involved kicking the ice cream maker several times, I found a new ice cream maker recommended by a blogger on A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise on craigslist and made ice cream Wednesday night. YUM! Ice cream hurts my teeth, but this is worth the pain.

6. I started a very ambitious knitting project. I'm making ribbed, fingerless gloves and I'm knitting them two at a time using magic loop. I've ripped it out and started again 4 times, and I have to rip a few rows back later this weekend, but I'm feeling pretty optimistic.

See what I mean? A very adventuresome week!

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