Wednesday, March 26, 2008

practice tonight!

It's going to be my first time scrimmaging with the league since I busted my knee in a freak gay skate accident (AKA I wasn't wearing my knee pads at Oaks Park and fell on my left knee giving Wrench an assist).

I'm slightly nervous, but November Pain's been giving me lots of pep talks. And I've got new 187's and a volley ball knee pad to wear underneath to protect the sore spots. I'm gonna be a bat outta hell. (That's the mantra Pain gave me.)

To fuel up, I'm eating:
1 chunk of bread with Earth Balance (3 grams)
coffee with Silk soy creamer (1 gram)
a banana (?)
a Natures Valley Roasted Peanut Crunch bar (7 grams)

And that's just breakfast!

Lunch equaled:
Frito pie! (1/2 can veggie chili, 1 slice soy cheese, fritos) (15 grams)
carrots (1 gram)
more coffee with Silk creamer (I know, I know, I'm drinking water too, I promise) (1 gram)

For a pre-practice snack, I had:
The rest of the can of chili with more chips (a lot more!) (18 grams)
And half a mint chocolate Cliff Builders bar (10 grams)

The rest of my Cliff Builders bar (10 grams)
And a hot dog with soy cheese on a whole grain bun (22 grams)

Grand total: 88 grams of protein

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