Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meet my nutritionist, Axl Blows

photo by Skippy Steve

Axl is a registered nurse, a body builder, my team mate, a bad ass blocker, and mostly vegan.

She's the one who calculated that based on the amount of exercise we're getting and my size (125 lbs, 5'6"), I need 80-90 grams of protein a day.

Yesterday she brought me a list of foods that are chock full of protein that she thinks I should try to include in my diet.

Axl's muscle builders
1/2 cup legumes= 7 grams
1 cup soy milk= 7 grams
2 Tbsp most nuts= 7 grams
2 Tbsp peanut butter= 7 grams
[Why does everything come out to 7 grams?]
4 oz. seitan= a whopping 21 grams
1 cup tempeh= 31 grams- I need to cultivate a taste for this stuff!
1/2 cup TVP= 8 grams
1 cup soft tofu=10 grams
1 cup firm tofu=20 grams
1/2 cup most veggies= 2-3 grams + lots of vitamins
veggie burger= 6-16 grams
veggie dog= 9-12 grams
1 cup soy yogurt= 8 grams
1 slice whole wheat bread= 5 grams

Axl's favorite trick lately is to eat cold, raw hot dogs with no bun. She can eat 2-3 and not feel full plus they're low in fat. That's her rationalization, not mine. Raw, cold veggie dogs gross me out. So I'll be eating mine heated with a bun, thank you very much.

Axl is also the person who taught me that I need to eat a simple sugar within half an hour after practicing, and a full meal with protein within an hour after practice to keep my muscles from deteriorating. Sometimes when I come home all tired and sweaty, the last thing I want to do is eat, but I think it's working.

Now my list of what I've eaten today (are you bored yet?)
1 banana
60 oz of water
1 cup of coffee with soy creamer (1 gram)
1 of those peanut roasters bars I had yesterday (7 grams)
1 serving Gen Soy's Zesty BBQ soy crisps (7 grams)
1 cup broccoli (2 grams)
1 chik patty (10 grams)
1 whole wheat roll (9 grams)
1 avocado with salt, eaten with a spoon
2 cups decaf India Chai tea with Silk creamer (2 grams)
2 5 gram squares of chocolate (70% and 62% cocoa, respectively)
chickette "parmasian" (17)
1 cup asparagus with lemon (2 grams)
1 whole wheat dinner roll with Earth Balance, soy cheese, and garlic salt (14 grams)
2 glasses of cheap white wine with my team :)
1 piece of baguette with white bean hummus at the bar (no idea!)
Only 71 total today, not counting the avocado, hummus, or banana. Maybe those will up my total.
PS- Scrimmaging was awesome last night, and I'm not too too sore today. I think I'm back.

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