Friday, February 22, 2008

My very first blog post!

I've got a slight case of stage fright which seems funny since I haven't even sent anyone this link yet. I'm still playing around with my graphics and logos and photos so consider this blog in beta and expect to see big changes if you plan on checking back regularly. I primarily making it to complement my etsy store (and hopefully a web site of my very own soon) but don't be surprised if I start rambling on about roller derby or my cat or work from time to time. Sometimes it's hard to stay on topic, and isn't a blog really for rambling a bit anyways?

This weekend I plan on holing up in my apartment for awhile and working on some new jewelry designs. You can't very well launch a new business with nothing to sell, now can you?

It's pretty exciting stuff for me. I've been doing variations on what I call glitter paintings since my sophomore year in college (was that really 8 years ago already? holy moly.) I had a hard time in painting class that year and every critique someone would pipe up and assert (helpfully?) that my work was too... girly. sentimental. sensitive. Well, listen buddy, that's just me. It wasn't going to change. So I decided to not only accept my girly nature but really embrace it. I pulled out all the stops- hearts, pink paint, lace, and... GLITTER! In the beginning I was really just a groupie, I made prints and paintings of rock stars exclusively. Then I ditched the lace and paint and got serious with just glue, glitter, and a paintbrush and expanded my repertoire to include movie stars, sports teams, and even family pets. Here are a couple of examples of my past work-

But now thanks in part to pesky copyright laws, I'm ready to tackle the final frontier- my own imagery.

Wish me luck folks, I hope we're not in for a bumpy ride.

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  1. Sorry the images are so pixelated. I'll try to fix that for me next post!