Thursday, November 5, 2009

popcorn party

I'm planning a Halloween recap sometime this week, but haven't quite gotten it together yet. My photos are all over the place!

In the meantime, I'll give you my famous vegan popcorn recipe. This is funny because I don't really do anything too special, but I do make popcorn every time I invite people over, and I've had two requests for my "recipe" lately, so here you go.

Step 1. Buy a bag of popcorn from the grocery store. The old fashioned kind. No salt, no butter, no microwave friendly bag, just corn kernels in a bag. While you're there get garlic salt, nutritional yeast (try the bulk foods section), and pepper.

Step 2. Pour enough canola or veggie oil in a pot to cover the bottom. Drop in 3 or 4 kernels. Put the lid on.

Step 3. Turn the heat on high. Wait for the test kernels to pop, shaking things around occasionally.

Step 4. Once they've popped, throw in more kernels, enough to cover the bottom of the pot.

Step 5. Hold the pot 2-3 inches above the burner and keep it moving until all the popcorn has popped (or the lid is falling off, whichever comes first. In my kitchen, I usually lose the lid before every last kernel has popped.)

Step 6. Dump the popcorn into a bowl. Add garlic salt, nutritional yeast, and black pepper to taste. If it's kind of bland on top, stir it around some more, lots of the seasoning will fall straight to the bottom.

Step 7. Eat popcorn. Share with friends. Kitties like it too.

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