Tuesday, June 2, 2009


One of my favorite things about owning my own house is gardening! It's like one big science experiment!!!

I think it's going pretty well, even if the only edible things I've grown so far are spinach and kale.

The broccoli is starting to look like broccoli.

The strawberries are starting to look like strawberries.

And I got a ton of free plants at a plant exchange this weekend. I traded some raspberry, garlic, and lemon balm starts for lamb's ear, calendula, ruby lettuce, early girl tomatoes, parsley, purple basil, spearmint, a jade plant, potatoes, and what might grow up to be an almond bush.

I've been tempted by the infomercials for the topsy-turvy, so when D-Day told me her genius idea of using Trader Joe's recyclable bags instead, I had to give it a shot. These cost a couple bucks each instead of $20, and they look pretty.

Only time will tell if tomatoes and lemon cucumbers will like them as much as me.

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