Friday, May 1, 2009

To the top, to the top, to the top!

Okay, okay-so we lost to the Heathers. Who hasn't? There's no reason we can't rally and still take our rightful place as 2009 champs this year.

Come see us in action on Friday, May 8th at the hangar for a $5 suggested donation at the door-- we're going to scrimmage against a team of assorted Washington players. This is going to be very, very fun. We're gearing up at 8pm.

Or if you have plans next Friday, you can come see us beat on the Break Neck Betties on Saturday, May 16th.

I got a request for photos of me actually playing derby. Here are a couple. These were all taken by Skippy Steve or Angel, our beloved photographers.

Working with EZ to try to pull 20 ft. on the Heathers.

Waiting for the whistle.

Warm-ups, I think...

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