Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm itchy for spring, and I can't stop thinking about my first garden. I've grown herbs on my window sill and catnip for the kitties, but I've never had a whole yard before.

Every day I come up with some new scheme for how I'm going to organize and plant everything. Today I'm slightly obsessed with this site that helps you plan how to plant a 3'x6' raised bed using a square foot method of planting. I might have to give that a try.

Last year I planted basil, sage, and pumpkins as soon as we moved into the house in July, but this is all I harvested...

I'm also reading The Urban Homestead which B got me for Valentine's Day, so in addition to the raised bed I already have and the additional raised bed I'm building, I'm also daydreaming about stacks of tires filled with potatoes, bean and pea pod tents, and living awnings of tomatoes. And I can't stop thinking about chickens. Help, someone talk some sense into me before I'm in over my head!

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  1. Oh great, now I'm slightly obsessed with the Kitchen Garden Planner.