Monday, February 16, 2009

I come from the land down under...

...also known as the basement.

We made some serious progress this weekend. I hung the little utility boxes.

And installed insulation.

And dad did the actual electric work. Now there are new outlets that work and switches that really turn on lightbulbs and it's all very exciting.

We took a break Saturday to celebrate Valentine's Day. I made heart shaped pink and white pasta (which I forgot to take a picture of) and heart shaped peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate ganache (which I did remember to take a picture of...)

After our heart-y dinner (ohhhh, get it?), we went to MONSTER TRUCKS!!! Gravedigger's performance in the freestyle was disappointing and overly cocky, I don't think Dennis Anderson would have approved, but Toro Loco made up for it. There was a wedding ceremony during the intermission. 5 couples tied the knot right there in the middle of the arena amid the monster trucks and smashed up cars. One particularly romantic couple even vowed to "Get 'Er Done" instead of saying "I do."

So Sunday we went all Toro Loco on the basement and the patio because we wanted to "Get 'Er Done" like we learned the night before at the Monster Truck Jam.
We got lucky and managed to squeeze the 4'x8' sheets of drywall down the funky dug out stairs that lead to my basement, so we didn't have to cut it outside which was a big relief.

As I type, B and dad are slapping up the drywall. I don't think they'll get it all done today though, so dad has extended his stay until Friday.

I'll have to think of an extra special Father's Day gift for him this year.

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