Monday, January 12, 2009

Moshi Moshi update

The art show last Thursday was a blast. The cupcakes were all gone within an hour, and the cream soda and root beer flowed.

The buds had a good time flyering and trying to convince strangers to come check out their show.

Susan B made a lamp out of skates and a helmet that really works.

Can you see the amazing bow Duckie made out of duct tape? The flowers took her two weeks. Incredible!

Here's my contribution:

Braidy Punch, who is really into chickens (why yes, she did make that painting of a chicken on skates chasing a taco, how did you guess?), was thrilled when Bitter presented her with this giant, pink, paper machie reproduction.

There are a lot more photos of the show and the bud's shenanigans on their Flickr page.
The show is up until February 13th, so if you're downtown, stop by and take a peek. Most of the work is still for sale. You can also pick up original art by the Rosebuds at

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