Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Christmas time in the city

It is a Modzelewski tradition to put up the Christmas decorations and break out the Christmas dishes the weekend after Thanksgiving. Because we had quite a few other commitments this weekend (like Pie Party, Friends-giving, and Rosebuds practice) B made the ultimate sacrifice and got out of bed at 10am on a Sunday. I'm so glad he did because the house looks very festive and cozy now.

This was Analog's first encounter with Christmas, so it was fairly easy to catch her and shove a Santa hat on her for a quick photo, another Modzelewski tradition.

We even got her to wear the matching booties.

The Bus was much more wily, and all I got was this photo of him suspiciously sniffing an ornament. It's okay, I still have last year's Santa hat photo of The Bus.

Analog was especially interested in the Christmas tree.

The tree has been up for almost 24 hours now, and we've got one broken ornament. So if you're keeping score this holiday season, it's currently Analog 1, The Bus 0, the tree 0. I'm not sure how the tree scores points. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

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