Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I can cable!

Here's proof. The Bus is modeling my probability cowl in progress, please try to ignore his cuteness and focus on the cables.

I got to sit in when Janet Szabo was in our office recording a podcast interview with Kelley, and watching the two of them cable convinced me that it was indeed something I could manage. My co-worker Christy further convinced me when she gave it a try for the first time a couple weeks ago and confirmed that it was, in fact, pretty easy.

I cast on the Probability Cowl from Ravelry with some Lilac Mist Comfy I had leftover from my fingerless gloves. I picked this pattern because I figured if what I was knitting was totally random, any mistakes I made would be easier to hide. But I didn’t need to worry because it turns out cabling isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it.

The cable needle definitely helped. At first, I tried using a Harmony interchangeable needle, but it kept getting all tangled up in the Options needles I was actually using to knit. So then I switched to a DPN, which worked pretty well but sometimes my stitches slipped off. Then Tina introduced me to a cable needle, and now I don’t want to put this project down. The slightly grippy Harmony wood and the tiny ridges carved in the needle keep my stitches snug while they wait their turn, and the needle is short enough that it stays out of my way when I knit. I love it! Christy and I have been so enthusiastic about knitting cables that Marci’s going to try them next. Cable mania is seizing the Knit Picks marketing department!

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